There are times,

When the world throws all it has against you.

When the light switches off and your left alone in the dark.

When the voices in your head tell you,

“everyone hates you”

And hope is something you just cannot spark.

When you feel like your being thrown from one bad place to another,

You can’t confide in anyone- 

Not your neighbour, mother or brother,

You feel scared, alone, and hopeless.

Like nothing will ever lift this dark.

You feel you can’t go on, that you should maybe just give up the fight.

This thing people call life,

You just don’t fit in, right?

Well I’m here to tell you that you do,

Yes you.

I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t give up this fight,

That the light will come back on again.

That those neighbours, your mother or your brother,

They need you to learn to be again.

That the dark,

Although heavy will lift one day,

And you’ll be glad that you choose to stay.

Because without you,

Things aren’t complete,

At the kitchen table, there is always your empty seat,

Your friends,Your family, 

They’ll all miss you.

I know all this, 

Because I’ve been in your shoes- 

Both ways.

A person left by someone they love,

Forever scarred.


A word we all fear, 

But suicide prevention is something we should learn to shout about loud and clear.

So today, 

Take a minute 

Reach out a hand and check your loved ones, are okay. 

-Lauren x