Let’s talk about self harm

The scary words that no one wants to say hear or talk about. Mental health stigma might be reducing and it may be becoming spoken about more. But there is plenty of conditions, and things that are still being hidden in the shadows.

Self harm being one.

Self harm is defined as deliberate injury and covers anything done to oneself to cause hurt, pain or injury. This includes skipping meals, over exercising and the more known physical injury.

Self harm is so common, yet people just don’t want to talk about it. And I get why, it’s a scary subject, it’s not something anyone is particularly well educated on, and let’s face it, we shy away from things we don’t understand.

Yet, 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males engage in self harm according to the newest statistics. That’s at least one person that everyone knows. You might not know about it, it’s something that is often very hidden but isn’t that all the more reason we should educate ourselves on the topic.

Someone might harm themselves for many reason; abuse, mental illness or other life stresses, being just a few examples.

Self harm is often very secretive, which makes the stigma of it being for attention so much more ridiculous. For people engaging in self harm they usually can’t find another way to cope.

So this mental health awareness week take some time to educate yourself on this, I don’t recommend just googling it, as the internet can have some nasty sites but here’s a few educational resources you can use, and share with your family and friends:




I hope this post helps raise awareness and educate a little. And if you yourself are struggling reach out and ask for help. It’s scary but I promise it will help. A big scary step, but one in a very positive direction.

Stay strong x