Bums and Tums

It’s nearly summer and we all know that means. Holidays! Barbeques! Ice cream! We love allllll of those things, but I think the thing we don’t like the most is bikini shopping. Going in the shop, looking for a bikini and taking it into the fitting room to try it on. We are the BIGGEST critics of ourselves and we can be so judgemental of who we are and what we look like. However other external factors can contribute to that.

For example: What’s your type?? Big boobs? Wide hips? Slim? Six pack? Veiny muscles?

Everyone is not the same. We are all our own person with our own strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. Trying to work vigorously at the gym to tick a box that goes into the society’s agenda of ‘the dream boy/girl’ isn’t really going to help anyone in the long run because people should like you, for you!!! Not because you have a specific bra size, specific dress size, whatever!!! To be a girl, a TEENAGE girl at that, is actually reallyyyy difficult. And you may be thinking ‘you literally have nothing to worry about though, you have your whole life ahead of you’ and you are 100% entitled to your opinion!! But with the growing development of technology and with various amounts of social media it is pretty tricky NOT to compare yourself to other girls. ‘Why don’t I have that figure?’ ‘I wish I was her’ trust me- we’re all guilty of it!! Including myself! Scrolling through your feed to see such beautiful, amazing girls but why don’t you check your own feed once in a while? Name something good about your body!!! I’ll give you one about mine: my legs are my favourite thing about my body. They have a nice shape and they are super long (Thank you dance, I owe you big time ;))

Also, BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!!! There are soooo many people who overlook teenage girls for not being a specific weight and that’s where the pressure comes in to be like others. But then we would end up being the same and we are all not the same. Plus size is beautiful and others should acknowledge it just as that. Be confident in yourself because no one should put you down for who you are.

Boys too. Teenage boys are also trying to be a ‘macho man’ who trying to develop ‘hegemonic masculinity’ to become more of a ‘man’. First of all. Sorry for the sociological terms, I study sociology and I thought it would be relevant. Secondly, boys reading this? Let your guard down. If you are not those who you are trying to be on Instagram, Snapchat, whatever it is okay. You be who you are now and the others will follow.

Well that’s all from me!! Be bold and beautiful and just be you. Because you are one in a million.


 -Atlanta, 17