The Girl with the Smile.

Her mouth stretches from ear to ear for she smiles with all her teeth.

She isn’t someone who would have ever known grief

I look and I see someone so successful, I see the girl with the smile.

She is perfect in every way; she wears such cool clothes and pulls them off with such style.

She seems to have her life completely put together.

For her smile, it goes on forever and ever

Her hair falls down her back in this beautiful brown tone.

Surrounded by people who love her she is never alone

She is the type of girl that takes care of herself, knows what’s going on in life.

The type of girl that will never know strife

She gets her test paper back and it is a sea of ticks, of smiley faces and A’s.

That has her whole life ahead of her all the years months and days

She is the girl with the smile. Her eyes are bright, for she is ready for this life, full of life.

She goes to festivals, concerts and already would make the perfect wife

Her life is perfect, she is perfect and her life is great

All is love, never knowing hate

And yet the girl with the smile

Seems to have gone away for a while

Her summer concerts and cool style are now long gone

She doesn’t know where exactly she has gone wrong

She struggles each morning to even get dressed

Her brain is whirring, she gets no rest

She gets her test paper back and its full of x’s and a U

If I only I knew she was suffering too

She had her whole life ahead of her

Now that life is simply a blur

She didn’t want cool clothes because she had style,

She wore clothes that covered the parts of her body she thought were vile

Her eyes were bright because they were full of tears

Her pain too deep to express over the years

Too young her life was snatched away

Because of a collection of dark awful days

She was indeed the girl with the smile

But I won’t see her now for too long a while

No one asked her if she wanted to talk

So to death she did walk

The girl with the smile

Could be living right next door

With all that pain all that sore

The girl with the smile

They say you judge someone within the first few seconds of meeting them, before they have even opened their mouth you have mind up your mind about them. I think the same goes for social media, you see one flawless Instagram post and your mind is made up.

There are millions of people with the exact same story, struggling and drowning, hoping and praying that someone will care. So this mental health awareness week take that time to have a conversation, accept what you are feeling too. Have the courage to ask for help and accept that help.

You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.

Remember the amount of courage it takes to live our lives is immeasurable, it is indescribable. Every day you are asked to have courage, to get on with it. To go to school, college or work and expected to be fine. In itself you have all achieved so much by being here, by overcoming challenges and having courage.

Life is so ironic, it takes sadness to know what happiness is, it takes noise to appreciate silence and absence to appreciate presence

Take what you have learnt in your life so far, take what you are learning and find a greater meaning for the pain you are feeling.

A strong person is not someone who doesn’t cry.

A strong person is the one who cries and sheds tears for a moment then gets up and fights again. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Have courage and be kind and the girl that smiles the most is sometimes the one going through enormous hardship.

The girl with the smile.


Written by member Jess. 

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