Year after year, young people speak up about how mental health support, services, and education is inadequate. Annually, we watch as young people across the UK vote in the Youth Parliament's 'Make Your Mark' and tell our government that Mental Health is a top issue. Yet we just aren't heard.

Our Mission

We aim to make this change! Youth Mental Health Matters will be:

  • working within schools, so that all schools across the UK have adequate education on mental health;
  • campaigning to ensure that services offered both inside and outside of school have better provision, shorter waiting times, and regularly accept feedback from the young people using them;
  • hosting events to create a much needed discussion about youth mental health;
  • and fundraising to create tailored resources for schools to educate their pupils, host events, and provide the support desperately needed for young people.

Sometimes I’m not always doing amazing, but that’s okay ... because everyone struggles and it’s okay to be flawed because that’s what makes me, me.
— Demi Lovato, On Mental Health

What We've Achieved

Youth Mental Health Matters is newly set up and so our achievements are just getting started! However, we have taken on the work of the Mental Health Schools Network which is currently being successful trialled in 4 schools across Greater Manchester.

We are also already working closely with councillors, MPs, and even Greater Manchester's first elected mayor Andy Burnham!