Finding the positive...

Recently I have been looking through the pictures on my laptop and phone in order to sort them all out. I came across some from my room in the flat this time last year. To be more precise my room covered in post it notes, and it instantly brought a smile to my face. I looked through the photos remembering the time that Lucy, started covering my wardrobe and mirror in positive quotes and sayings.

It started with just the wardrobe and mirror, and little messages from Lucy and quickly spread. My friends would come over and after they had left I would find a post it note with a positive message hidden somewhere in my bedroom. They never failed to make me smile.

I guess what it made me think about is the well known and shared quote:


“Enjoy the little things for one day, you may look back and realise they were the big things.”

So recently I have been on Twitter and Instagram trying to share 3 positives or good things of the day and encouraging others to do the same. Like the quotes on my walls reflecting on the positives helps ground myself when it has been a hard day, and reading others generally makes me smile.

Thinking about 3 things, no matter how small help you to remember that despite what is going on in your life, there is always something there. Whether it is as simple as getting out of bed, petting a dog or something as big as going on holiday.

It also acts of a nice reminder of what matters to you as a person, I have found that my positives are often around a moment spent with a friend or a family member. Most often doing something simple, nothing completely out there, but the time has made me smile and therefore served as a positive memory. Something that isn't always remembered, that often the best memories don't require a lot of money, going somewhere fancy or anything like that, they just require spending time with people that make you happy.

Depending on the day you have had finding 3 positives can be a struggle, and there are some days when I have had no idea what to write. However, using time to sit there and think about it makes me realise that even in the most rubbish of days, there is usually something good. Its important to remember that that is completely ok, life is full of its ups and downs.

Its also so important to remember if recovering from mental health. I often watch people give themselves a hard time because they are struggling and nothing is going right, or they feel like they are going backwards in recovery. But it is so important to remember that this is just part of recovery. Each times you do something, no matter what size, that makes you happy or is simply for you, you can feel a little stronger.

The little things in life, actually are the big things, and its so important to remember them, reflect on them and be proud of them.

So, today, I ask you, tell me 3 positives of your day?