Life is for living.

It’s a common thing in the recovery community to not feel “ill enough”. As if we need some sort of validation to be struggling. As if your struggles are suddenly worth less because you haven’t done x y or z. It’s a common misconception, that you need to be the “illest” to get help.

You don’t.

I have known functioning people who have been at rock bottom, and I’ve known people who aren’t physically seen to be functioning at all. I have seen people dangerously underweight and those at a healthy weight struggle with the same plaguing thoughts and the same dangerous side effects of there illness.

What I guess I am trying to say, is if you are struggling, you are struggling. That’s it. You are just as worthy of love and help as anyone. We are all as worthy of love and help as each other. There is no sickest or iller, there is only people. And each and every person deserves to feel okay. Each and every person deserves to know there worth. That they are loved. They are cared for. And if they are struggling, that they are so worthy of recovery.

So if you watching those around you falling apart and staying quiet because you aren’t “as bad”, speak up. You deserve to. You are worthy. And people do care.

You got this.