'I weigh'

There are so many campaigns floating around on social media at the moment about mental health. From sport and celebrities speaking out to petitions and letters to the government it really does seem like there is a lot going on to try and improve and change the way the world deals with mental health. Our voices are getting louder and it is slowly becoming easier to speak about mental health. 

In this blog, I wanted to talk about the ‘I weigh' campaign on Instagram. Highlighted to me by one of my friends I went on to explore this social media campaign and loved what I found and wanted to share it with you. 

The ‘I Weigh’ campaign was started by Jameela Jamil.  Its purpose is to remind us to feel valuable and show us that we are much more than the flesh on our body and our weight. Its a page aimed at helping women fight back against societies expectations and to help them take pride in their life beyond their exterior. To remind us that the number on the scale, is simply just that, a number and that we are far beyond that. The campaign has over 350 thousand followers and support from a number of big names, press and more. 

The idea of the page is for you to share what you weigh. And when I say that I don’t mean a number, I mean what makes you you. The campaign is so simple, yet so effective. It is empowering, challenging societal norms and something that really gets you thinking.

So whilst yes, it is sometimes difficult to look beyond the outside or even praise yourself at all, I challenge you to have a go. As someone who can’t take compliments well i understand the difficulty, but give it a try. 

Show yourself, and the rest of the world, what you are made off because I am sure it is incredible. 

I went to ask the members of Youth Mental Health Matters what they ‘weigh’ and these are the amazing things these brilliant individuals shared: 

What do you weigh?

- Lauren x