My choir- Bee Vocal🐝

My choir, am I allowed to call it that?

As you may have seen I’ve written about in previous blog posts, I am part of an amazing group of people, who together form Manchester Mental Health Choir- Bee Vocal.

We came together thanks to musical director Dan and charity Triple C. (Apparently over a glass of gin but that’s another story) And since then have grown more than ever imagined.

Following my first meeting with the choir I wrote a piece on here about my experience, that was back in march last year, and now I’m back to tell you more.

To tell you how this group of people has had a profound impact on my life. A group of people who I have known less than a year but yet every Wednesday manage to cheer me up and put a smile on my face no matter what else is going on.

Wednesday night is my time for me. A time where I sit on the back row (with the cool kids) laugh, smile, occasionally cry and sing. And it is perfect.

The choir is aimed at those struggling with mental health, or support someone who is. There’s so many stories floating around. So many people willing to listen. People willing to care. And the best hugs going.

There are people at the choir who make me laugh, no mater how down I feel. Those who know exactly the right thing to say. And those who know when you just need a hug. And for that I am forever grateful and thankful.

The choir is simply a light in my life. And the people there, each bring there own glow.