More than a diagnosis...

I recently lost a friend to mental health. I knew of her struggles but I also knew of her. She was the girl who made amazing cakes. Was incredible at craft. Sang. Danced. She was the one who always had the right words no matter the situation. And the one who’s smile well and truly lit up the room.

She was a fighter, despite her struggles she was there no matter what.

She will be missed from mine, and others life’s greatly and I can only hope she found the peace and happiness that she deserved.

A poem for Faye, my friend with the brightest smile in the room.


Because of you I will sing a little louder

With a little more meaning in the words

I will fight a little harder

So that all our voices will be heard.

You wanted to make a difference

You wanted to make a change,

Despite all your pain,

You wanted take others pain away.

My head can’t seem to believe that your gone

But I know your fighting spirit,

Your determination and your voice

Will live on.

It will live on in all of us

In the work that you did

In the memories you made, the stories you told

And in the love that you gave.

-Lauren 💛