Youth Mental Health Matters is 1 today!

Its crazy to think that just over a year ago, YMHM was born. Expanded from work I had already started on Mental Healths Schools Network the charity wanted to take that and go further into the world of helping young people. Since then I think it is fair to say that we have made leaps and bounds. Our team of 4 expanded to a group of 20, young people and adults alike all with the same passion- to make a change. 

In our first year we wanted to make an impact, show the world that although we were young, we had a voice and we were going to fight for that to be heard. What we didn’t quite expect was the crazy journey that was to follow. We have since been linked up with some huge charities in the world of mental health, worked with Manchester’s mayor, been involved in decision making on a Greater Manchester level and most importantly reached out to hundreds, maybe thousands of young people not just in Manchester but across the UK. We have ran our own event, run days in schools, attended many meetings, spoken at conferences, helped schools set up groups of young people to have a voice and so much more. The past year has been crazily busy and we can only hope this continues. 

The support we have received whilst doing this has been unimaginable, there have been many a time when we have turned up to meetings we have been invited to, to a shocked face at the fact that we are young people. I can’t count the number of times people have asked how we possibly fit all the work we do in whilst battling with university, school and other teenage life battles. But we do. Because we are so passionate about making this work. 

For me the charity is all about helping young people, and as I often say if it gives just one young person a better experience in Mental Health care, helps one friend feel more educated about her best friends illness, or helps one family find support for there child, it is more than worth it. 

As the first year of being established comes to an end, it is important that we look back and realise how much we have done. With little funding but strong voices, we have come a long way. But we are also excited about what is to come. In the next 6 months we have 2 more events planned, we have more meetings to attend, we will be opening our applications for new team members, we will be sharing our newly created education resources and also working with more schools across Greater Manchester. Whilst we are celebrating the past year, we are working hard on ensuring that year 2 is even bigger and better. 

We as a team wanted to thank everyone for all the support and help we have received. The number of people who have made this journey so much easier whether that is through donations, through messaging us to tell us what an impact we are having, or by cheering us on in many different ways. We are so thankful for that. 

So lets continue with this crazy journey and keep shouting to the world that ‘Youth Mental Health Matters!”

If you would like to make a donation to help our team continue the great work we are doing please follow this link:

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Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @youthMHmatters


Some quotes from some of our team: 

“I think this charity opens up so many doors for young people and I’m grateful for being apart of this charity to raise awareness on such an important matter”. Meera Saravanan

“I believe that inadequate mental health support is one of the greatest issues facing young people today, and this charity is doing a vital service in bringing youth mental health to the forefront”. Jade Calder

“Mental health is something which affects 1 in 4, it can be incredibly taboo and under funded across the UK. I am beyond excited to work for this wonderful charity and I believe we can always be doing more for the greater good.” Anna Parker