What next??

Recently I’ve been stressing a little (or a lot) over what to do when I finish uni. Do I do a masters, do I chose a career, an internship, a grad job? There’s so many options, so many decisions.

If you read my previous blog, you might have seen I even got offered a scholarship to a grad degree in America and a fast track to a masters over here. But truthfully, I don’t think I can hack another year of education right now.

And I’m kinda disappointed in myself for that because THE OPPORTUNITY but I know that something else will come up and that sometimes it’s ok to say no. People may think I’m crazy, but more education isn’t what’s right for me right now. And I think that’s ok?

The ultimate goal is to be happy, to follow a career in something I enjoy and want to do. And right now, I’m not sure what that is. So I’m going to take some time, to figure that out before jumping into something.

It feels like only yesterday I finished my GCSES, then a-levels, then went to uni, then dropped out of uni, then went back again...it’s been a whirlwind of learning and growing both in education and myself.

So some time to process it might be needed. And whilst I know this might disappoint some people around me, I know that they ultimately want me to happy and this is me figuring that out.

I’ve decided firstly, to go back camp this summer. It was a place where I learnt a lot about myself, had a lot of fun, and met some amazing people and I’m very ready to see them all again. Some time in the forest is also the perfect opportunity to have a think about the future. I’m so excited at the prospect of being back somewhere that I miss so much.

(big thanks to Steve for reassuring me)

And the plan after that, to try and get a job or internship for 6 months. Some experience in something I would like to do, but nothing too long term...and then after that. The exciting part.


Since camp and summer, I seem to have caught the travel bug. And whilst I’m not “tied down” seems the perfect opportunity to do this. The list is long, far to long for the time and money I’ll have but I hope to adventure a little around the world. Hopefully, should the plan go ahead with Jessie by my side.

It feels weird, and a little scary to have made a decision. Once again, I’m filled with anxiety about disappointing someone. But my parents and friends say they just want me to be happy and I think, that a more chilled year, with lots in it for me, will be just what I need.

Like one of my previous rowing coaches once wisely said:

“You’ve got to make it work. Your at a junction. You cannot go back. Pick a path and stick to it. If needed you can start again. There’s no right or wrong, just a path or direction to choose.”


So if like me, there’s many paths and decisions coming up in your life. That’s ok. Remember, choices are just choices. And whichever you make, it can and will work.

But for now, I’m busy drowning in university work, charity work and rowing. The way, that only I would be.

- L x