You are more important than a number.

Please stop telling me I look so "healthy".

Recently everyone I meet who I've not seen in a year or so keeps telling me how "healthy" I look. Straight away my head converts that too "fat".

Yes, ok so I might have gained a little extra padding for my vital organs since last summer, but so what?
Since when was it ok for people to comment on your body weight. Why do people think that fat shaming or skinny shaming or any kind of shaming for that matter is ok?

Often people mean it in the best way. But despite that, the comment isn't always helpful. Why not ask me how I am? Rather than letting my weight tell you.

We are growing up in a culture that teaches us that our weight is equal to our worth. In the same breath as being told we are too skinny we are told that we look amazing. Starving yourself doesn't make you look "amazing" it makes you ill.

We are growing up in a world where eating disorders are the norm. That every pound on the scale is a -1 on the scale of how well we are succeeding at life. Where that extra inch on my waist makes me less worthy. A society that thinks that dieting is the way to happiness. Why?

Over 725,000 people in the UK struggle with eating disorders today, with more than half of them being under 24. Yet magazines continue to photoshop, judge and constantly put down those around us. Celebrity's are constantly labelled too fat, too thin, too muscly. They have rolls, they are told to loose them. Bones? There promoting unhealthy behaviour.


Food is for eating. Not measuring, weighing, controlling. Yes be healthy. Sure go to the gym, exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. But do it for you. Stop posting over Instagram telling people how to "eat clean" or how to get a bikini body. Let them, be them.

The key. Balance.
Yes ok, 20 chicken nuggets a day might not be great for your insides, but once in a while. It's ok.

The crazy rise in eating disorders needs to stop. As does the idea that you have to be skeletal to be suffering. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, they are a mental problem after all. Don't let how someone looks fool you to make a decision on them.

And finally, please stop commenting on people's weight. Tell them how much you love their hair, or how their smile lights up the room. Let them know what a great friend they are, or even just ask how they are.

Believe me, it's nicer to hear.