Millennials - Why There Isn't Anything Wrong With This Generation

Personally I do not believe we are the failed generation. I do not think think, as a collective, that we are lazy and self-entitled. We are not narcissistic. Don’t get me wrong, there will be narcissistic millennials but there are also many narcissists from the older generations.
I think that they are the problem.
They judge us.
They put us down they tell us we don’t work hard enough.
They call us lazy and self entitled.
We are not those things. Instead we work hard but know what we are worth. We will not work for free and we will not sit in silence and let the older generation say horrible things about us. We were born and raised in times filled with economic uncertainty.
1 in 10 young people suffer from a mental illness.
Supposedly 1 in 4 young women suffer from a mental health issue at some point.
Today’s teenagers are expected to do twice as much homework as their parents.
20% of young people see their  parents spilt up which has hugely grown since our parents were younger.
So no, we are not lazy. We are stressed and it is not always our fault.
Aside from this we are an amazing generation.
25 years ago only 1/3 of people accepted same sex marriage. It is now 2/3.
We are more accepting.
Today’s teenagers are more sober.
Teen pregnancies are at an all time low.
Phone use is found to stop people taking dangerous risks in the real world.

This message is to all of the older generation who are criticising us (which I would like to point out that it definitely isn’t all of them), who are lazy, who are hypocritical, who are homophobic and transphobic and who think technology is evil.

- A fabulous millennial