So I haven’t written a blog in a while but Lauren suggested I write a blog about the concert we went to on Saturday and I thought that was a brilliant idea. Lauren and I went to see Dodie Clark perform and if you’ve never heard of her I would highly recommend listening to her music. Dodie is my favourite musician and role model because she talks about so many things on her social media that I think are very important. 

Anyway, when the dates for her tour came out and I saw that I was going to be on holiday when she came to Manchester, I was devastated, as I had been waiting to see her for so long. I saw that I could go to the Leeds concert but had no way of getting there. I asked Lauren if she would take me and being the wonderful human that she is, she said yes.

So, the tickets were booked months ago and the date came along so quickly. We went early so that we could queue for a little bit but we spent most of the time before the concert actually finding the venue. When we got in there was a huge queue but everybody was so friendly. If you have ever heard about Dodie, you may know that she is hugely associated with the colour yellow, so when we walked in all I saw was a sea of people dressed in “dodie yellow”. My mouth dropped because I had never felt more at home with such a large group of people. There was me standing there with my Dodie t-shirt and yellow glitter all over my face, the most excited I have ever been.

We queued for a while and that smile could not be wiped off my face. Once we got inside and I’d bought my merch we went to stand at the back (of a very small venue) so that we could lean on the wall because, oh my goodness it was hot. The support acts came on and they were great. 

Finally it was time for Dodie to come on and let me tell you, the amount of people did not match the volume of the screaming. She talked to the audience so much and the audience participation was fabulous and so funny. There were a few hands up moments and basically everybody in the room were exactly the same (but so unique as well). She did her set and I cried at least four times. It was emotional, beautiful and I loved every second. It was magnificent to be able to look up and see my idol singing right in front of me (cringey, I know). She even stopped half way through a song because a girl had to get pulled out from behind the barrier by security (possibly because of over-heating, I’m not sure) and made sure she was ok before starting the song again.

That night Dodie made everybody in that room feel special and she talked about everything from mental health to heartbreak. Even if you didn’t like her music, you would have to respect her because of her personality and how genuine she is. I walked out of that concert feeling a whirlwind of emotions and not being able to breathe properly (admittedly that was probably because of how boiling it was).

I had the best night of my life and I’m so thankful to Dodie. I’m also so thankful to Lauren because without her I never would have been able to go. Sorry this was so long but here are some pictures from the night.

,Lucy x