"It's okay to be proud of yourself"

*This is a bit of a ramble and not very focused, thats kinda how my brain is right now. Bare with*

Over the weekend I adopted Lucy whilst her parents were away, whilst she was here she covered my mirror and wardrobe in positive quotes. I absolutely love them. 

She put them there to remind how okay everything will be in the end and cheer me up when needed and whilst they have absolutely served there purpose they have also inspired me to write some more posts. 

I was you could say, struggling to find ideas of what to write about on here.Whilst I absolutely love writing, and blogging I couldn't get rid of the thought that perhaps no-one really cared about what I wrote. And then i realised, that it didn’t matter. And also, that people did. 

Lucy’s post it notes gave me ideas for so many posts Im struggling to choose which one to begin with. So, whilst i am sat here eating my beans, cheese and pasta (such a stereotypical student meal) I wanted to write.

When someone asks me what I am proud of myself for, my automatic answer is nothing. 
And then I realise that’s stupid. 

I am proud of myself for starting the charity- Youth Mental Health Matters. Because as someone said to me recently, ‘Your 19. And you have a charity.’. 
I'm proud of myself for my GCSE results, my a-level results, for attending university- because although they didn’t all go quite to plan. I did them.
I'm proud of myself for getting up every morning and wanting to make a change.
I'm proud of myself for walking the dog in the park and talking to people I don't know.
I'm proud of myself everytime I pick up the phone because I am terrified of phone calls and always have been. 

And, if i really thought there’s probably more.

So, whilst there are things that I beat myself up about daily, like the fact, I really don't understand one of my modules at uni, or the fact i’m not fast enough at rowing, or many other things, it’s important to sit back and remember thats not a reason to not be proud of what I have achieved. 

Our negatives shouldn't outweigh the positives, we shouldn't be scared to be proud of what we have done.  A relapse in recovery shouldn't stop us from seeing how far we have come.

To others we are an inspiration, we should see ourselves in that way too. 

I recently read an article about the fact that you inspire people everyday. Tiny little things you don't even notice. Things that you do that make someone change for the better, or try something new. 

It made me think of all the times that others have told me i have inspired them and how that made me feel. The warm happy feeling I got when someone told me that they were a fan of my blog, that because of me they have spoken out about something that they believe in, and the amount I smiled when people have commented on something that I have done thats inspired them in some way. It made me think about how we should speak out and tell these people how amazing they are.
Spread a bit of love.

For me so many people have inspired me to be the person I am today for so many different reasons.

My parents, my brother. 

The teacher whom at school was there for me in everyday who helped me find my confidence and most importantly helped me be me. 

The people whom I work with on the charity, who every single day amaze me with the hard work and commitment they put into the work we do despite the fact they all have jobs or go to school/college. 

Hope Virgo(if you don't know who she is google her) who’s book has inspired me to want to share my story. Hannah, our down south team lead and her presentation skills. 

The twitter community who work tirelessly to raise awareness about mental health despite fighting there own battles.

Lucy, Katie, Georgie, my new friend Rose, so many of my other friends. 

Dodie. Jessie J. 

There is a crazy amount of people who inspire me, whether its in simply to learn a new hobby, to have a certain outlook on life, or to think about something in a different way. 

Today, I challenge you to think not only about who inspires you but who you inspire. Because I promise you, there will be so many people. And hey, tell that friend how much they inspire you because I promise you that no matter how cringey and cliche it may seem, it will make them smile.