Independence Isn't Everything

Appreciating the people around me is one of the most important things. However strong and independent you are, you can’t be truly happy without friends and family. I’ve learnt (and am still learning)  to remind my loved ones how much they help me in my everyday life; it is okay to need help. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do without support. However strong anybody thinks I am, I am only in this position because of them.

What I wanted to write this blog about is having a strong support network. My family and friends are my main point of motivation and without them I wouldn’t want to get out of bed every morning. They are there to help me if I let them. It is all about letting people in when you are struggling or have a problem. Why go through it by yourself if there are a billion people willing to help you? Maybe you think they have enough going on but I’ve found that I always have time to help the people I care about.

Sometimes people say that they can do everything all by themselves, and maybe some people are better at independence than me, but I think everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. I admit that many get more independent or are generally quite good at doing things without help, but that mindset can also be bad for people who struggle with independence and responsibilities. You should always feel comfortable about being  able to reach out to some one.

For example, me and Lauren. Whether one of us needs cheering up with a few hilarious GIFs and memes or a harsh (but much needed) piece of advice, we are always there for each other. Helping someone doesn’t always need to be a serious conversation, sometimes it is just a little reminder them that you are thinking about them.

It is good to remember, help works both ways, whether it is a friend who never listens to your problems, or forgetting to be considerate about somebody’s feelings. The best friendships come from both sides.

Also, I think people are a little oblivious to the ones that care the most. So I want to end with: asking for help is the hardest thing, but it will be worth it.