So, as you might have guessed myself and Lucy have a lot in common..she is regularly referred to as a mini me, another thing that we have in common is that our time is split between two houses.
Both our parents have split up and that means that rather than having one bedroom, we have two. That means two beds, two wardrobes, two places to make our own but it also means two places to choose to go each night. A choice that not everyone has to make. This choice isn’t always easy, one night you can be with your mum and feel like your abandoning your dad, and then the next its the other way round. But never the less, its a choice that has both pros and cons.

Choice is something we come across every single day. A choice defined in the dictionary is an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. The dictionary definition makes it sound simple. However, many of our choices in life aren’t.

Ive already spoken about uni choices, just one choice that people go through in their lives, however there are so many more. Choices and decisions are difficult to make at the best of times so if you are struggling here are some of my favourite tips:

  • Remember often whichever choice you make there will be negatives however, there will also be positives. Perhaps try listing out both the positives and negatives, although don’t be surprised if new ones pop up!
  • Pretend like your advising a friend. Sometimes we become so wrapped up in how are choices will affect other people we forget to think about how they will affect ourselves. If you were advising a friend you would tell them to do what is best for them, so do the same for you.
  • Remember this quote: “Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.” -Paulina Angelique. Whichever, decision or choice you go with, you could always have gone with the other, sadly thats the nature of life!
  • Think about how you will feel when your 70. First, it will put the difficult decision into perspective (maybe it’s not as big a deal as you think it is) and secondly, it will help you make a good decision for the long term, rather than just for instant gratification.

Theres so many more tips shared all over the internet, but generally if you really are struggling the best tip is to go with your heart. When I was making a choice about university one of my rowing coaches gave me some good advice which I’m going to finish with…

You have got to make it work. You are at a junction. You cannot go back. Pick a path and stick to it. In 3/4 years you can do it again. There is no right/wrong, just a path/direction.

Picking your path may not be easy, but there is no right or wrong. Whatever path you pick, make sure it is for you.