Yes. I am a procrastinator. It means I never get things that need doing done. I wait till the last possible moment to do anything I need to do. It is how I have been for as long as I can remember. I will do anything to avoid a certain thing and even when I start that thing, it will take we 2 hours instead of the 10 minutes it should have. I get distracted very easily. I’m not going to lie, I am procrastinating while writing this blog. I should be doing chemistry, biology, Spanish, German and textiles, but I’m not.

I say all this, but there are some ways that help me get things done:

  1. Reward myself with Netflix-Every piece of work I do, however big or small, I get to watch an episode of whatever I want. Usually it’s 90210 (Lauren’s a big fan of Pretty Little Liars).
  2. Convince myself that it won’t be as hard as I think-This sounds like a simple one but sometimes I get so flustered and overwhelmed about how much work I have to do I get myself into a state which means I can’t do any work. I always need to be in the right mind-set.
  3. Think about how much more I’ll enjoy the thing that I’m doing if I don’t have the guilt of work or tasks looming over me. Watching Netflix with no work to do is a lot more enjoyable than having 7 pieces of homework due in for tomorrow.
  4. Don’t agree to do too many things that aren’t necessary. Extra curricular activities are good but you need time to do work and have down time. Committing yourself to lots of things is not going to help time management.

I hope some of these could be useful to you!