Our featured blogs

At YMHM we think that sharing our thoughts is really important. Below are three of our favourite blogs that we really recommend you read! 



Lucy and Lauren's positive well-being blog is written by two of our own team here at YMHM. 

The blog shares their thoughts on different topics, linking to well-being and mental health.


Rosie Blossoms

Rosie is a young girl raising awareness of mental health through sharing the ups and downs of her own journey via her blog and Instagram. 

Here at YMHM we are truly inspired by Rosie's blog and invite you to take a look.


Eating for Ellie

Ellie Davis is the author of 'Eating for Ellie', a blog that, here at YMHM, we all find inspiring. Ellie raises awareness by talking about her own struggles - who she personifies as Anonymous.

We love Ellie's blog and aim to help her through supporting this continuing record of her recovery.